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you know how much pressure there is on girls to be good at every video game they play, because if they fuck up once there’s going to be a heck of a lot of people saying how girls suck and how they shouldn’t play video games 





A baby LED costume






A baby LED costume





when people point out problematic and offensive things in media we are really sincerely not trying to ruin it for you

i know it feels like that and sometimes finding out an author is shitty or that a movie is racist can really sour the story you mightve enjoyed, but these are REALLY important things to acknowledge and yes, get angry about

because if no one is getting upset and people keep making excuses for these kinds of things they will continue to be considered acceptable and there’s no way any effort will be made to change things

Not to mention that the existence of oppression in a piece of media has ALREADY ruined it for the people targeted by that oppression.









Seriously, it kills me when I see people hold scientists up as pinnacles of logic and reason.

Because one time the professor I was interning for got punched in the face by another professor, because mine got the funding, and told the other professor his theory was stupid.

This same professor told me to throw rocks to scare the “stupid fucking crabs” into moving so we could count them properly.


thank you

this is one of the best comments this post has recieved

I have witnessed:

Two professors hiding around a corner and snickering, “Shhh, here she comes!” While a female professor approached and, when she finally found them, she proceeded to scream while pointing from one to the other, “You! I called your office but you weren’t there! So I tried to call YOUR office to figure out where HE was but YOU weren’t there!”

Two grad students standing outside a closed and locked door yelling, “Come out of the damn office. You haven’t left for days. If you didn’t have a couch in there I’d be concerned as to where you were sleeping!”

A religious studies professor apologizing for being late to class because, “security stopped me because I’m dressed like a hobbit”

Watched a professor snort the results of my experiment to determine if I had the right final compound.

Two archeology professors toss priceless fossilized teeth back and forth in an attempt to figure out who is smarter by “guessing the type of tooth and species of animal before it lands”

Multiple fully degreed individuals throw dry ice at one another in an attempt to be first to use the lab/get that piece of equipment/or change the iPod song.

A genetics professor build furniture out of stacks of paper and planks of wood because she is that far behind in grading papers/responding. One of the impromptu furniture pieces housed a fish tank.

I could go on but I think that covers the larger portion of the insanity…

Every time it comes around on my dash, it gets better.

I have had a professor buy a huge fuckoff bottle of rum during fieldwork in Costa Rica and let the undergrads get wasted because “you’re not underage in Costa Rica and we’ll be up all night with the bats anyway!”

- Same professor hung a bat from her headlamp and wore it as a decoration for an entire night. 

- A whole swarm of older women - and these are women with PhDs and world-renown bat experts, the bigwigs - all, to a woman, go to the formal charity dinner at an international research symposium in Toronto in late October dressed in skimpy Batgirl costumes. Because Halloween was that weekend, you see.

- At a different conference, a professor get blackout drunk and pass out on the side of the road. 

- “Yeah, we have to say we did it properly for the grant but to be really honest, Miracle-gro works better.”

- Teaching lab: we had liquid nitrogen for a demo, and after class the professor, the other TA, and I spent a good two hours freezing and breaking things in it. 

a chemistry class begins with 30 students nine months later just six of us left sitting on tables dipping paper into contaminated chemicals to see what happens when we burn it teacher making idle suggestions while he marks our work

"go to the fume hood thing, yeah now put some potassium in chlorine" can i burn the results sir? "fuck it sure whatever its tainted anyway"

The prof I’m working for just asked me if I knew how to pick a lock, and when I responded “yes” she replied, “see, this is why I hire the former delinquents instead of the suck-ups. You’re actually useful.”

I then let her into her office.

My Biochemistry professor once during a practical class went back to his lab to pick some material missing for the experiment and came back with  a fish under his arm.

A real fish. Alive. Under his arm. No, no water tank.

He then proceeded to show it off to us and explain how that particular kind of fish could resist so well out the water, and how he had a whole tank upstairs for his research and how they actually recognize the people who feed them and the peculiarity of muscular proteins of fishes.

For not less than 15 minutes. 

When finally asked about the missing material, he went ‘oh’ and vanished back upstairs. 


Keone & Mari dance to C2C’s “Happy”, courtesy of Urban Dance Camp.

The most amazing thing I’ve seen in a while. Also guaranteed to put a smile on your face. H/T to NPR.


Autumn’s Beautiful Transformations


if you are ASEXUAL, you do not experience SEXUAL ATTRACTION.

if you are AROMANTIC, you do not experience ROMANTIC ATTRACTION.



come on baby girl, flex your zygomaticus major for this greasy stranger


come on baby girl, flex your zygomaticus major for this greasy stranger

*watches a movie*
*sees a dog*
me: if something happens to that dog I sWEAR TO GOD


Follow Ultrafacts for more facts!



Follow Ultrafacts for more facts!


asexuals will win the skeleton war because we won’t be distracted by anyone’s bone titties






I bought this lovely thing. Dark of the Moon Rampage.

I have decided it’s a lady.

She’s beautiful!

*added to list*

Anita Sarkeesian (female) sent many death threats to herself. But she isnt a video gamer, so your point still might be a valid.








You are literally too stupid to insult.

Translation: I can’t disprove that so you’re stupid.

I can’t disprove that unicorns are real, but that doesn’t make them exist. I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but hell, I’ve got a bit of time to kill.

Gamergate is a hate movement that started with a jilted ex of a game dev accusing her of sleeping with a journalist for a good review, when said journalist never reviewed the game in question at all.

Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu have been driven from their homes by death threats and harassment. #Gamergate as a whole has been revealed as a concentrated, concerted effort to harass Zoe Quinn by the aforementioned jilted ex.

And over what? Feminism in video game journalism? Less than half a percent of articles written about video games contain explicit references to sexism, misogyny, or feminism. Every major art form is analyzed in sociopolitical lights. Every major everything is analyzed that way. It’s what criticism is. Feminist criticism is an accepted academic method of analyzing media that has been in use since the late 1700s.

Even if it wasn’t, these people are essentially getting angry about discussions about women having more egalitarian portrayals in games. That’s literally it. Their biggest rallying cry is that men who play games are being shoved into the margins despite being gaming’s core target demographic. Except they fail to notice that adult women are the largest demographic in gaming, and even if they weren’t, it’s not oppressive to be asked to maybe not use women as sex objects in games. It’s not oppressive for some things not to be about men and their entertainment.

The threats made against Sarkeesian are credible, and the FBI agrees with me on that one. She isn’t the only one to receive credible death and rape threats recently (or in the past) and she won’t be the last.

I suspect you’re not the type who actually cares about facts, however. I suspect you’re one of the people who urge us to “look at both sides” of the issue, but honestly? When one side sends death, rape, and bomb threats, and the other wants women not to be treated as shitty by the gaming industry as they are, that’s not a debate I’m willing to have.

By the way, humanism is the belief that people have the ability to act ethically without the assistance of theism or supernatural belief. If you want a belief system that’s about ensuring men and women have equal rights and opportunities, that’s feminism.

The FBI has NOT said the threats made against Sarkeesian are credible. The FBI won’t even say they’re investigating those claims because that’s their policy. All we know is from local police telling a reporter they had sent it to the FBI.

I suspect you’re not the type who actually cares about facts, however.

The FBI doesn’t comment on on-going investigations, which this totally is. They’ve also investigated threats against her before. Oh, an here’s another time that local law enforcement as stated that the FBI is the lead agency on a case involving harassment against her.

Just because it’s the FBI’s policy not to discuss investigations doesn’t mean it’s hard to figure out they’re investigating. This took me 5 minutes on Google; it literally couldn’t have been easier to research.

On a side note, the absence of an FBI investigation wouldn’t prove that she’s been sending the threats to herself anyway. You’re grasping at straws here, please troll harder.

I also love how men will always say things like “I suspect you’re not the type to care about facts” right after making a post that is literally full of links to actual real facts that actually exist.

it happens every fucking day because they consider their opinions to be facts, that the earth they walk on is blessed by their feet, and that their shit smells like axe.